We design your living & your commercial space

About Us

We are a team of young architects and interior design professionals, passionate about what they do, who are not afraid to push the boundaries. We are honoured to be able to play an integral role in helping our clients make their dreams a reality.

We provide a key-in-hand service including concept design, 3D modelling, furniture packages, complete implementation, supervision and project management as well as innovative and “out of the box” solutions. We serve as a backbone for all complex processes that form a scope of a project.

From transferring your ideas to a sheet of paper to the blanket waiting for you in your new HOME, we can do it all or any part in between, it is your choice.

We work with the world’s leading brands, most prominent designer companies and workshops (e.g. custom made high-end products) to provide high-end quality and style products.

We design specifically for each customer, considering the individual needs and paying attention to the details that make each project unique. The variety of materials used in our interior design allows us to do the impossible and surprise the most creative and hedonistic mind.

Our team combines creativity of each individual thus enabling a synergetic effect which are a key point in our projects and Project management.

Our Offer

We specialize in Italian furniture and have privileged access to the most selected items made by well-known Italian designers. Long-term collaboration and Partnership with the most exclusive brands provide our customers the wide range of the unique items made in Italy, France, Spain and Netherlands. From contemporary spaces to traditional houses , for residential and commercial clients, we provide award
winning interior design and project management services from the initial brief to the completed project.

We provide a key-in-hand service specialising in both commercial and luxury residential projects. Whether you need to design the whole apartment, residential villa or commercial project, choose the materials or furniture for your future home, visualize your creative ideas or our solutions in 3D imagery and / or organise logistic support (transport and assembly), we are here to make your life easier. This allows you to determine precisely the level of involvement we have in your project.

We have a strong feeling on how to design, but at the same time our utmost goal is to satisfy all your needs.

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